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Do you like Squid Game? Crab Game is an indie first-person multiplayer party game where you compete with other players to win a cash prize. Featuring lots of minigames in a crazy world, you will love to compete with other players and fight for the win.

What is Crab Game?

Crab Game is a free-to-play party video game developed and published by Daniel Sonnman, which is "not based on any online streaming pop culture Korean tv shows, as that would get me in legal trouble, so we're certainly not doing that."In Crab Game, the players will fight each other in minigames for the ultimate cash prize. It truly is an enjoyable game to play with people and your friends.


  • Gameplay: In Crab Game, you will compete for the ultimate cash price in various minigames inspired by children's games. Your objective is to be the last one standing. So enter the arena, compete with other players in minigames using various items and weapons, and communicate using proximity chat.
  • Maps and game modes: Crab Game offers up to 28 maps with various atmospheres and designs. You will also be able to play multiple minigames described below. Even though the game seems to be simple, it offers a lot of challenges and diversified content.
  • Multiplayer: You can either join an existing server or create a new one and play with up to 35 players.
  • Elaborate strategies: You can communicate with other players through proximity chat. Depending on the game mode, you will either be part of a team or play alone. Be clever and elaborate strategies, lie, trick other players, and be the last one standing.
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Graphics and sound

Crab Game features the same cartoonish and nice-looking graphics that we are used to with the Unity video game engine. Also, the game has a minimalistic but well-designed OST, including Crab Vibe, Big Funky, and Crab Step. It is simple but polished, and it makes the game have its own identity.

Game modes

The game contains lots of game modes, and more may be added in the future:

  • King of the hill: Score points. You will have to score as many points as possible by staying as long as possible in the yellow area at the top of the hill. Like all other players, you will have a beat and the ability to push other players away from your precious hill. Players with not enough points will die.
  • The floor is hot: Don't fall into the lava. There are stones on the lava, and they will break one after another. If you fall into the lava, you will die.
  • Fragile floor: Do not fall and reach the finish line. Two rows of platforms lead to the finish line. For each row, each pair of platforms has a fragile one that will break if you walk on it.
  • Pass the stick: You either start with a stick or not. Players with sticks will have to pass it to players who don't. Players still holding sticks at the end of the timer will die.
  • Hide and seek: Kill them all or stay alive. Two teams compete with each other, the seeking and the hiding. The hiding ones have to stay alive, and the seeking ones have to kill all the hiding ones, or they will die at the end of the round.
  • Keep the crown: Keep the crown as long as possible. You will earn points as long as you have the crown. Other players will try to steal it from you by hitting you. Players who don't have enough points at the end of the round will die.
  • Climb fast: Be the most agile. In this game mode, you will have to reach the finish line at the top of the level. Be careful not to fall into the rising lava or water unless you want to die.
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  • The dark room: Do damages. You are in a room with other players and weapons. The light will turn off and will be turned on from time to time. You will have to cause as much damage as possible to other players.
  • Red light, green light: Reach the finish line behind the doll that alternatively looks at you all. You will die if you move when the doll looks at the field. Also, you can use your environment to hide from the doll using stone or tree trunks.
  • Color the cells: Color as many cells as you can. In this team-based minigame, each team will have a color and will have to walk or touch as many cells as possible to color them. The team with the least colored cells will lose.
  • The button game: Choose your button wisely. You will have to choose among five buttons, but one of them will kill you if you push it. So make the right choice before the timer ends.
  • Pass the bomb: Do not explode with the bomb. At the beginning of the game, a player starts with a bomb stuck to him. The bomb will explode at the end of the timer, and the player holding the bomb will lose. The objective is to pass the bomb to other players by hitting them with the bomb.

What do the reviews say?

The game has a very positive score and has been rated as Very Positive on Steam. It also has been played by lots of players on Twitch.

Age rating

Crab Game is not rated yet but keep in mind that players fight each other using guns and melee weapons. There are also blood and gore during fights. So, we recommend the game to a mature audience.

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