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  • 12 votes 4.9 / 5
  • Developer Rinbash
  • Version 1.2
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Sinister Squidward is a fan-made survival horror video game taking place in the world of SpongeBob. This is precisely the kind of crazy adventure you all expected, as Squidward has gone crazy and now wants to slaughter everyone. Discover this mad tale with cinematic cutscenes, and meet your favorite characters such as SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Krabs, and the dangerous Squidward.


Squidward has always worked as a cashier at the Krusty Krabs restaurant for Mr. Krabs. And even though SpongeBob and Patrick Star bothered him sometimes, he thought he was happy playing the clarinet and enjoying his simple life. Year after year, the same old routine exhausted him, and he now wants to kill himself. But before, he will do everything he can to kill people he hates.


  • Story: The game is simple but the story depicts exactly what people expected from Squidward. This is a linear journey but the several endings deserve to be discovered.
  • Go mad: Playing Squidward, you need to take as many lives as possible and give everyone what they truly deserve, death. Armed with what you find or your trustworthy AK-47, you will let your inner monster come to life and bring chaos.
© Sinister Squidward
  • Save lives: Playing Sandy Cheeks, you investigate what happens in Squidward's house. As you go deeper into this realm of madness, you will have to save your friends, Patrick Star and SpongeBob, before they get killed.
  • Objectives: Throughout this short survival episode, you will explore Squidward's house, reach goals, and solve puzzles. But beware of Squidward, as he will tear you apart if you get caught.
© Sinister Squidward

Graphics and sound

Sinister Squidward graphics faithfully depict the unique cartoonish design of Bikini Bottom. Lots of time have been dedicated to adding many details, finely tuning the lighting to make the different scenes scary, and making the whole game immersive and convincing. Audio effects and voices are also pretty good.

Duration and game modes

Sinister Squidward is a short but pleasant single-player experience of approximately 20-40 minutes long, wherein you will play as Squidward and Sandy Cheeks.

What do the reviews say?

No official reviews, but the game has become viral worldwide thanks to its thrilling gameplay and gorgeous universe.

Age rating

There is no official rating, but you can consider it suitable for a mature audience. Indeed, the game contains violence, blood, and strong language.

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