Acer Swith One 10 shuts down

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I have a problem with my Acer Swith One 10 laptop tablet.... First... I encounter the network connection doesn't work... It is connected to a WiFi but it doesn't work... Also... The network setting for the WiFi connection is not there... Only the airplane mode setting... Second... I open the music app and the Microsoft word. But it can't be open... As I do it.. There is always a message popping in saying that the pc is having a problem so that it needs to restart for one minute... But.. It always appear on my laptop... Also.. As I try to open it... It will always go shut down for I don't know the reasons... It will open but afterwards.. It will shut down and open again and the process goes on.. It is a brand-new one.. How can I resolve it..
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The most urgent thing to fix is your laptop shutting down.

Since it's brand new it is still under warranty. I suggest you take it back for a repair or exchange.
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