How can I type @ on my Acer Laptop

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I can't type the @ sign on my acer laptop. I have tried holding shift and pressing 2 and " shows up.

Please help. thank you!

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This works for Windows 10 for writers in English.
  • Left click the Windows icon on the task bar and choose Settings.
  • Click 'Time & Language' then 'Region & language' on the left-hand of the panel that opens up.
  • Next click on 'Add a language' and choose 'English'.
  • A panel will open with a range for 'English' eg., English (New Zealand).
  • Select the kind you want and this will appear beneath the one which is currently active.
  • Click the new one, set it as the default option and it will move to the top.
Thank you

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This makes no scencs it does not tell you how to use @on my laptop ps im a kid idot
With my self hehe
I know how to work@ comment#elliebearfan to know how to work it 10 # have to do it befor i say
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Try this press alt and type 64

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thank u so much babyface for ur great advice, it works now,
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Yh thank you baby face it works man ☺
+babyface- Thanks for your help . It works now :D
thank you so much
Yes it worked for me xx
Hold down the alt gr key on the right of the space bar and tap 2 key. Using the alt button on the left of the space bar doesn't work. Really weird keyboard on Acer. I asked this question on the "experts" forum a couple of months ago and they couldn't help me, nothing worked. Tonight a techie friend discovered the answer by accident.

Thanks so much- such an easy fix!
FYI, the problem stems from loading the incorrect 'keyboard language' at start-up. The keyboard language determines what instructions the computer receives as you type individual keys. In other words, if you see " instead of the expected @, the computer is behaving in accord with the default 'keyboard language'.
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