My computer turns off after 30 sec to 1 min

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Recently, my computer has started to shut down on its own after 30 seconds to 1 minute after I turn it on. In the past I would have a problem of my computer becoming unresponsive after maybe 2-3 hours of being on, but it only did it about once a month or so. Currently, it wont make it past the window xp screen when it loads and when I try to cut it on again it will cut off at the start up where it says the memory, graphic card, etc at the very start. I tried removing the memory which is 512 MB and the computer would stay on, so right now I am thinking I just need to replace that since when I re-install it, the computer will shut off again. The computer is a Compaq Presario 2.6Ghz, pretty old, about 5 or so years old. I'm wondering if I should just replace the memory or just take it to a professional. Any responses are appreciated.

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this might by your problem, we where having the same problem here. After spending over $300.00 trying to find out what was wrong, all it was is the tower button that starts the computer. We unpluged the tower button and now it is working perfectly. If we want to turn off the computer, we now just turn it off by the switch on the back of the tower.
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Awesome, I just had the same problem with my mom's computer, I took the power switch off and used the reset switch instead. are genius....
i just have the same problem but I just fix it. my problem fix by clean the CPU Fan it could be dirty and have some dirt between the heatsink and that could cause it to over heat. I just clean it out and dry it then put it back on but please clean around the area so make sure it no more dirt around the cpu area and in the case. that will help u, and I hope this imformation could help u
NOT PROPERLY START-UP. WITH THE BATTERY REMOVED. PRESS (Ctrl + Alt + delete) try to restart.
If that does not work, ofter it turns off, HOLD F8 AND RESTART. GO DOWN THE LIST, TRY RESTART NORMALLY.

IF YOU CAN GET TO THE XP SCREEN, CLICK, (Ctrl + Alt + delete) choose restart> go down to log off the user
(if you use LOG ON) when you start. then restart pc.

Or if you can get to the right screen USE SYSTEM RESTORE !
Due to heat decipation ur system is shutting down , clean the system fan which was attached to the processor. due to this only the system shutdowns oftenly..
I think that your problem related to the power supply's fan, because I'd faced this problem five or six years ago, many staff of my company said the same thing you are talking about and after the examination of the computers I'd discoverd that the fan of power supply unit doesn't work.
So, I'd replaced it and test the PCs, everything go well.
It's just something I'd faced, maybe it will work with you and maybe not. just check it out.

Due to heat distribution your system will shutting down this fast and you cant fix a problem if it turns off that fast I have a new gateway the I got as a gift the power supply went out after 2 weeks and I sent it back and it was running fine for awhile and then I left it on all day to come home to the death screen and it would not boot into windows and if I got it in to safe mode or any other state it turned off after 1 min or so I thought well could it be heat ? Opened up case to find the whole heat sink hanging there well thanks Gateway when they replaced my Power supply they hit the heat sink so hard it broke the plastic mount on the mother board I replaced the mount applied gel and heat sink and got it up and running in no time.I enjoy trouble shooting but I hate wasting time just to find out its a simple fix .Most the time its a simple fix.
i have seen this problem a few times and it had to do with my cpu overheating. Make sure you cpu fan is working.
and make sure the air is circulating properly through the intake and out put vents on the computer.
2 things my computer has 2 fans one is at the back top probly the cpu fan and theres a nother thats on the side... now my computer has been shutting off at random times and im now thinking heat? so im going to try to put a little fan thing I have next to it and try to keep the room cool I had it sent in to be worked on and when I got it back it still shut off on its own then I thought wait it dint shut off for them whats the diffence here and I remembered that its not always that cool in my room haha 2. also now could it be related to anything eles like a viris in the internet or something to do with the internet? well if you have any ideas on what I could do let me kno thank you.
it be a overheating problem check and see witch is the hottest your ram stick or hard drive open your pc and put a fan directly pointing to it. that work for me also check your cpu fan and power outlet. google it movementradioshow