Acer Recovery Management: Windows 10, tool download

Acer Recovery Management: Windows 10, tool download

Acer offers a number of free Recovery Management Tools to help you detect and fix any problems with your computer. Among the tools offered are their Care Center, which provides information about the hardware and software on your system, and their eRecovery Media software, which can be used to restore your system to its factory default. This article will introduce you to some of the Acer support tools available to you so that you can find the one that's right for your situation.

Acer Care Center for Windows

The Acer Care Center can be used to find any information pertaining to your system information, hardware diagnostic tools, and software updates.

To download the software, head to the official Care Center page and click Check Compatibility. The download will automatically begin.

Once downloaded, you can access the software from your Start screen by searching for Care Center and then double-clicking the program to launch it.

How to download Acer Recovery Management tool?

The Acer Recovery Management software can be downloaded from Acer's official site.

Simply head to the page, and choose the appropriate software version. You will be presented with a variety of articles and solutions to help you recover your system.

Acer service & support

Still having problems? Go to the Acer Service and Support site, input the make and model of your computer, and then click Search to find articles specifically related to your problem.

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