WhatsApp releases the 3 blue check marks: what do they mean and how do I activate this feature?

WhatsApp releases the 3 blue check marks: what do they mean and how do I activate this feature?

Rumor has it that WhatsApp is preparing the feature that many users have been eagerly awaiting: the introduction of the third blue tick, which will appear in all chats and reveal one of the most anticipated secrets for users.

WhatsApp is the most widely used social network, and one of its key strengths lies in its commitment to security and constant innovation. This time, rumor has it, Meta developers are working on a tool that could potentially revolutionize privacy.

WhatsApp releases the 3 blue check marks, what do they mean and how do I activate this feature?

While some users have raised concerns, others are eager for this new tool, which aims to demystify one of the platform's greatest enigmas. The first two checkmarks indicate if the recipient has received and read your message, but the third one introduces a new dimension.

In this case, the feature that WhatsApp is developing allows you to determine if the other party has taken a screenshot of a chat or content you've sent. Despite the potentially controversial nature of this feature, the rationale behind it is to provide users with more information about their messages and the content they send. The third checkmark would indicate that the recipient has acknowledged the chat and saved it in their image gallery.

On the other hand, some argue that this new tool could serve as evidence for certain situations. What remains unclear, as the feature is still in development, is whether users will have the option to disable the third blue tick, as they can with the other two.

How will the new blue screenshot tic work in groups?

The new WhatsApp feature will also extend to group conversations. This means that all participants in a group chat will be notified in case someone takes a screenshot. The purpose of this option is to enhance security and privacy, while also ensuring that users are alerted to the possibility of their messages being shared with others.

Undoubtedly, this tool is one of the most contentious topics, and even before its official launch, it has already sparked diverse and valid opinions among users of the world's most downloaded messaging app.

Additionally, it's important to note that WhatsApp has come under the policy of the European Union, which is pushing Meta to align with its competition regulations by enabling the app to send and receive messages from other similar platforms, such as Telegram

How will the new WhatsApp feature of the three blue ticks be implemented?

Since the tool is still in development and has not even reached the beta testing phase, there is considerable uncertainty surrounding its implementation. Key questions include whether it will require user consent, whether it will be mandatory, and how it can be disabled.

One of the central points of the debate revolves around its potential impact on privacy and the dynamics of interaction on the platform, especially considering that WhatsApp recently introduced the ability to send instant photos and videos.

It's worth noting that WhatsApp has not yet issued an official statement on the matter, and all discussions are based on rumors about a feature that thousands of users are eagerly anticipating.