LinkedIn: These 4 new tools will help you find a job

LinkedIn: These 4 new tools will help you find a job

LinkedIn has introduced new features to help its users find a job. There are new options to enhance your experience, making it more stress-free and efficient. Here are the main tips and tricks you need to know when looking for a job on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has recently rolled out a suite of innovative features, transforming the job-seeking experience and enriching overall user interaction. Here are the most important updates.

Job Collections

Users can now explore new horizons with the Job Collections feature, which gathers opportunities across sectors and companies that may be unfamiliar to them. These look like curated collections, including start-ups, telecommuting, and sustainable development categories, offering diverse job prospects. Accessible through the jobs tab on both the mobile application and website, this feature is an excellent source of inspiration for your job search, sparking fresh ideas and avenues.

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"I'm Interested" button

LinkedIn has introduced the "I'm Interested" button on select company pages, providing an initial point of contact with potential employers. This button allows you to express interest without applying for a specific position, akin to an unsolicited application. By clicking "I'm Interested," the company gains access to your profile. If your skills align with their requirements, they may proactively contact you, enabling a more organic and personalized connection.

Preferences page for personalized searches

Also, now you can tailor your job search to your specific preferences with the Preferences page in the Job Offers section. You can customize your search by indicating your preferred work organization, such as face-to-face or telecommuting, and set your target salary. This personalized approach streamlines the job-seeking process, ensuring that the opportunities align with your unique criteria.

Chatbot guidance

Keeping pace with advancements in AI technology, LinkedIn has introduced a chatbot to guide users through the job search journey. This virtual career coach assists in identifying suitable vacancies, evaluating the compatibility of your profile with specific positions, and even aids in preparing for job interviews. As the chatbot evolves, its capabilities promise to enhance user support and guidance over time

According to Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn's Chief Product Officer, this new job search experience seeks to redefine possibilities: "Whether you're navigating career changes, building a business, learning a new skill or crafting your voice, your new AI-powered LinkedIn experience — your trusted coach, advisor, co-pilot, assistant, and colleague combined — is your partner in staying ahead."