Running out of smartphone memory? Here's a simple trick to free up space!

Running out of smartphone memory? Here's a simple trick to free up space!

Most smartphones come with a plethora of pre-installed apps, hogging valuable memory space and often resisting easy uninstallation. Managing your smartphone's memory becomes easy with a simple solution: deleting these annoying and unwanted pre-installed apps using a few tricks.

How to delete pre-installed apps from your phone

Apps are pre-installed on almost all smartphones right from the start, ranging from seldom-used apps to bloatware like games or advertising apps. Not only can these use up your memory unnecessarily, and drain your battery, but they are also difficult to uninstall. However, a free tool can help remove them from the smartphone. Luckily, there are a few tools and tricks that can help you with the task. 

  • ADB AppControl puts an end to this dilemma, making it easy for users to eliminate unwanted apps without the need for deep system intervention or root access. It is free and only takes a push of a button to remove all the unwanted apps.
  • Deleting apps on Android is typically straightforward, but pre-installed ones often pose a challenge. Some, like Gmail or Chrome, can only be deactivated, lingering on your device without appearing in the app overview.
  • For those reluctant to delve into the system extensively, ADB AppControl offers a user-friendly solution. Armed with just a Windows computer and a USB cable, anyone can efficiently remove unwanted apps.
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Here's how to use the app and delete all the unwanted ones:

  1. The free Windows application already comes with all the important requirements, such as the Android Debug Bridge. All you need to do is enable USB debugging via developer options on your smartphone or tablet. You can find out how to do this in our practical tip.
  1. Then, connect your device to the computer, ADB AppControl will automatically recognize your device and you can get started. ADB AppControl presents a list of all installed applications on your Android system, allowing you to search for and remove unwanted apps individually or collectively.
  2. You can use the search function to specifically search for unwanted apps and remove them individually or in one fell swoop. If desired, ADB AppControl backs up the APK files before the deletion process so that they can be restored if necessary.
  3. Alternatively, you can choose to deactivate applications, giving you the flexibility to reactivate them on Android at any time without the need for another computer connection. Say goodbye to unnecessary apps and reclaim your smartphone's memory effortlessly with ADB AppControl. 

Note: Only delete the apps you don't use anymore, and be careful not to remove system apps – it could mess up your phone. If you turn on USB debugging, your computer can control your Android phone as long as it's connected with a USB cable. Once you've deleted what you need, don't forget to turn off USB debugging.