WhatsApp: a new long-awaited feature comes with a handy shortcut

WhatsApp: a new long-awaited feature comes with a handy shortcut

You no longer have to search through your chats to reach out to your favorite contacts on WhatsApp. The app will soon introduce a favorites system, allowing you to call them with just a simple touch! Here's everything you need to know about this new feature.

As WhatsApp stands tall with a colossal user base surpassing two billion, the intricacies of managing a myriad of conversations, be it with loved ones or in group chats, often result in a labyrinth of confusion. Navigating through numerous exchanges concurrently can be overwhelming, leading to users losing themselves in the intricate threads of conversations. Despite the platform's immense popularity, a common challenge persists – the absence of a swift and direct means to access specific contacts, particularly those with whom users interact frequently on a daily basis.

Presently, the available option is to pin a conversation and subsequently tap on the contact's profile photo to initiate a call. However, this process proves to be both tedious and time-consuming. Recognizing this challenge, Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, is addressing the issue. The most recent update of the WhatsApp beta for Android (version unveils an exciting feature in development – the ability to designate favorite contacts. This functionality had previously been observed in a WhatsApp beta for iOS as well.

In practical terms, this forthcoming feature empowers users to mark specific contacts as favorites, showcasing them in a dedicated section for quick and direct access. A simple tap on their profile photo will initiate a call, eliminating the need for cumbersome navigation. The designated favorite contacts will prominently appear at the top of the calls tab, featuring a speaker icon in place of their profile photo. While manual selection from the phonebook remains an option, this shortcut promises to save valuable time, particularly in urgent situations or for frequently contacted individuals.

This enhancement proves to be a more efficient alternative compared to searching for a contact's name in the search bar or scrolling through numerous conversations. The designated favorite contacts are expected to be presented in a new bar within the "Calls" tab, ensuring they stand out distinctively from the rest of the contacts. It's important to note that this feature is still in the developmental phase and is anticipated to be available in stable versions through future updates. Once implemented, it is poised to significantly streamline the calling process on WhatsApp, enhancing user experience and efficiency, while providing a seamless and personalized interaction with favorite contacts.