You will no longer waste time adding a song from TikTok to Apple Music!

You will no longer waste time adding a song from TikTok to Apple Music!

To add a TikTok song you like to Apple Music or Spotify, you have to exit one app and open another. How long and inconvenient! This was the case before, but now with the new TikTok feature you can do it with one touch.

TikTok music has already become a massive trend that even influences the global show business. Simple hits in the style of this popular social network rise to the top of the Spotify ratings, and more than one teenager is trying to start their career by posting their song on this application.

On the other hand, among the huge audience of TikTok users, many people do not create their own content but enjoy watching and listening to what famous bloggers do. TikTok has become a means of discovering new music for many, and now the moment has come when the app has decided to give them the ability to directly save their favorite songs to Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify from TikTok and with just one tap

Integrating TikTok videos into music streaming services is now possible thanks to the new "Add to Music App" feature. This feature is also a great tool for creators of new tracks on TikTok to encourage their fans to add them to their Spotify or Amazon Music accounts, much like the "Click and Subscribe" button on YouTube. TikTok has gradually rolled out this feature around the world in recent months. Right now, adding songs directly to our music app is available in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway and several other countries. 

So, how do you add TikTok songs directly to Apple Music or Spotify? The feature appears as a button that says "Add Song" next to a track name at the bottom of a TikTok video in the For You Feed, inviting users to save the song to the music streaming service of their choice. The first time users press the "Add Song" button, they can choose to save it to their preferred music streaming service. 

  • When you watch a TikTok video with a song in the background, you'll see a button that says "Add Song."
  • Click on this and the song will be added to the music library of the streaming service you subscribe to.
  • The song you add will be automatically saved to the default playlist, but there is the option to add it to a new or existing playlist, further personalizing your experience. 

TikTok's Sound Detail Page also now has an "Add to Music App" button at the top, offering this way to promote tracks and get more plays. With the new "Add to Music App" feature, users will stay in the app and won't be forced out of it, risking losing screen time if they don't return to the app after adding a song to their music library.