This is the reason why you should always book an early morning flight!

This is the reason why you should always book an early morning flight!

How often have you encountered a situation where your flight is delayed, leaving you waiting at the airport until the late hours? Or have you ever experienced the frustration of losing your luggage while traveling? Well, all this has probably happened to everyone at least once. Read this article to find out why it's always better to fly early in the morning.

Why is it always better to book an early morning flight?

Choosing to fly early in the morning can offer numerous benefits, from minimizing stress to saving money. While it's common knowledge that arriving at the airport with plenty of time to spare is a wise move, the time of day you select for your flight can significantly impact your overall travel experience. 

Air travel hacks
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According to Expedia's 2023 Air Travel Hacks report, boarding a morning flight pays off as flights scheduled after 3:00 PM are 50% more likely to be canceled compared to morning departures. Travel experts echo this sentiment, citing early morning flights as the optimal choice due to lower chances of delays. Typically, mornings boast calmer weather conditions and reduced air traffic, contributing to higher completion rates of flights. "Early morning flights are the best time to fly as they are the least likely to get delayed since the weather is usually calmer and the rest of the air traffic is quiet," remarks Harrison Woods, CEO of YourParkingSpace, to HuffPost.

Furthermore, the early hours offer a well-prepared aircraft, having been cleaned and sanitized overnight, ensuring a fresh start to the day's operations. Flight attendants on morning flights are also likely to be more alert and energized, enhancing the overall passenger experience.

As the day progresses, air traffic increases, leading to potential delays in clearing arriving flights for landing. Opting for late afternoon or evening flights heightens the risk of disruptions and decreases the likelihood of securing an alternative flight on the same day in case of cancellations or delays.

Beyond flight reliability, early morning departures can also translate to significant cost savings. Travel demand typically dips during the early hours, resulting in lower ticket prices, particularly for long-haul international flights. By choosing early morning travel, passengers can capitalize on these cost advantages. "Early morning flights before 8 or 9 a.m. tend to be cheaper than those later in the day. Demand is such a major factor affecting flight prices, and most people do not want to take very early morning flights despite them usually being cheaper and less likely to be canceled or delayed." Phil Dengler, co-founder of The Vacationer noted.

Preparing for an early flight can be made more comfortable with a few simple tips.

  • Staying hydrated is crucial, so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the journey.
  • Traveling with a tennis ball can help alleviate muscle stiffness, especially during long flights.
  • Booking with airlines that offer extra legroom provides additional comfort, ensuring a pleasant flying experience from takeoff to landing, regardless of the departure time.