Do you use Spotify on your computer? You've been waiting for this feature

Do you use Spotify on your computer? You've been waiting for this feature

The long-awaited new feature comes as good news for desktop app users, but only for those with a Premium subscription, at least for now. Here's how it works and where you'll find it.

The Spotify desktop app runs in the background and we often cannot easily find it covered by many browser windows and work applications. To go to the Spotify tab and search for an artist or add a track to a playlist, you have to reduce the size of your open windows or close them. And it is not possible to avoid this lengthy process even when you want to perform the simplest action, for example, change the volume, rewind a track or switch to another song. This can be a bit annoying and waste our time.

The option to control a desktop application from a compressed window was so popular that unofficial solutions and applications appeared and users can install them at their own risk. The Spotify webpage offers a small preview window with media controls, but it appears only when Spotify window is minimized and users hover over it. Fortunately, Spotify creators are finally introducing a new feature that will solve this problem.

Three years ago, the Spotify web app got a mini player window feature, and now the music platform is finally introducing a miniplayer in its desktop app. The mini-player view makes control much more convenient when working with several programs at the same time. It's a shortened version of the desktop app, with a much smaller window but keeping the most important media controls and track information. It can play all the same types of content as the main window, including audio tracks, videos and podcasts.

The new mini-player is available for Windows, macOS and ChromeOS, but.... There the fly in the ointment - currently it can be enjoyed only by Spotify Premium subscribers. This may stop many users, and we can only hope that over time the miniplayer will appear in the free version of the desktop app.

If you are using the paid version, then here is how to install and activate the miniplayer. Open the app in full size and you will find it at the bottom right corner between the volume and the full screen buttons. The shape of the miniplayer is flexible and adapts to the contact that is being played on it. And it is very convenient that it is always displayed in floating mode, that is, it is always located above other windows. The user always has access to the necessary elements.

If you don't yet see the mini-player feature in your app, then you need to be patient - this feature is being rolled out gradually, so some users in different eras may not see the corresponding option yet.