This is why you should always put one shoe in the hotel safe

This is why you should always put one shoe in the hotel safe

In the age of TikTok, where entertainment and espionage blur, one thing is clear: the platform churns out its fair share of "life hacks." Among the latest to hit the scene? The curious practice of stashing a single shoe in your hotel safe while traveling.

You are probably wondering: what is it all about? Well, here's the thing. In a brief, 47-second TikTok clip, Esther, a member of KLM's crew, shares "6 Hotel Hacks from a Flight Attendant." One of her suggestions may seem peculiar at first glance: storing your shoe in your hotel room safe.  Her rationale? It serves as a nifty reminder for travelers to check their safe for any forgotten belongings before checking out. After all, you're unlikely to leave without your trusty footwear, so placing a shoe in the safe ensures you'll give it a once-over before departure.

"Worried about forgetting something from your locker? Put your heel/shoe in it so you won't forget it!" Esther says.

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But here's the catch: for this trick to work, consistency is key. You'll need to make it a habit to tuck away a shoe every time you return to your room. Esther doesn't stop there, though. She also suggests using a shower cap to shield dirty shoes during packing and even as a barrier against germ-infested remote controls. Another tip shared by the flight attendant was to use a hanger to secure your curtains shut for complete darkness. This clever trick works best with hangers that come with attached clips. Additionally, Esther suggested a solution for when your international charger fails: use your phone's USB plug and charge it through the hotel's TV by connecting it to the back.

While Esther's advice is undeniably clever, it's essential to remember a crucial detail she may have overlooked: hotel safes aren't foolproof. In many establishments, hotel staff can gain access to safes if a guest gets locked out. Moreover, various brands of safes have been the subject of YouTube tutorials detailing their vulnerabilities. While safer than leaving valuables in plain sight, using a hotel safe still carries some risk.

For those seeking added security, some travelers opt for portable anti-theft bags tethered to clothing rods or plumbing fixtures. Surprisingly, Esther's shoe trick can be adapted for use with these bags as well.

For extra peace of mind, consider leaving yourself a note near the door and keeping unpacking to a minimum. And if, despite your best efforts, you still manage to leave something behind, don't worry. Reach out to the hotel directly; most have dedicated lost and found departments. Just remember, the hotel may not proactively contact you, and unclaimed items often find themselves donated after a certain period.