This sneaky thing can mess with your Wi-Fi connection - and it's something we all have at home

This sneaky thing can mess with your Wi-Fi connection - and it's something we all have at home

Is your internet slow at home for no clear reason? Your router might be near a Wi-Fi 'killer'.

In our homes filled with gadgets and gizmos, finding a good Wi-Fi connection can be a real challenge. But did you know that something as ordinary as a mirror could be causing trouble?

Yes, you read that right. Mirrors, those seemingly innocuous objects that we use for grooming or simply to check our appearance, can play a sneaky role in disrupting our Wi-Fi signals. How? Well, it's all about the materials they're made of, particularly the ones that coat large wall mirrors.

Underneath that reflective surface lies a thin layer of metal, strategically applied to give us those crisp reflections we like. However, this metal coating isn't just for aesthetics; it also acts as a shield against corrosion and damage. Unfortunately, this metallic layer also has an unintended consequence: it interferes with the radio frequencies emitted by our Wi-Fi routers.

Where is it better to place the router at home?

To avoid this, it's smart to keep your Wi-Fi hub at least a meter away from large mirrors. But even though many of us know where we shouldn't put our routers, like next to or behind the TV, a surprising number still do it.

Just over 2 in 5 people admit to placing their router next to or behind their TV (41%). 12% said they leave it on the floor. And some even put it under their bed (6%). Almost half (45%) of Brits are willing to rearrange their home to create a sharper path for their Wi-Fi signal. Another useful tip for improving your Wi-Fi is to test your line of sight. If you can, try to make sure you can see your hub in the area of the house where you need it most. So, if its most important purpose is in the office, it's better to have it located there.

Gareth Lister, Virgin Media O2's Connectivity Director, reminded us that broadband is super important in our daily lives, whether it's for work, online shopping, or binge-watching our favorite shows: "Broadband is an essential part of everyday life. Whether you're working from home, shopping online or watching a must-see show, connectivity is at the heart of everything. However, we often overlook knowing where to place the router." Also, he recommends making sure the below items are at least 2 metres away from your hub: aircon unit, fan, paddling pool, baby monitors, radio or speaker, tinfoil.

So, next time your Wi-Fi is slow, don't just blame the walls or your internet provider. Think about what else might be causing problems, like that mirror on your wall. A few changes at home could make your internet much better.