Goodbye Solar Panels: The Ingenious System That Brings Light Into Your Home Without Using Electricity

Goodbye Solar Panels: The Ingenious System That Brings Light Into Your Home Without Using Electricity

Say farewell to traditional solar panels because there's a smart new way to bring natural light into your home, without relying on electricity.

In southern countries, where sunny days are the norm, the potential for harnessing solar energy is huge. However, not all of that sunlight makes it indoors, leading to a dependence on artificial lighting that's not only energy-intensive but also lacks the health benefits of natural light.

But there is some good news, because Solight, a startup from Israel, has been working since 2012 on a brilliant solution. Their innovative systems, installed on rooftops and building sides, capture sunlight and redirect it indoors using clever mirrors. This isn't just about saving energy; it's about improving our well-being.

Ofer Becker, one of Solight's founders, emphasizes the health benefits of their system, highlighting its potential to enhance our lives in ways far beyond just saving electricity: "We understand that energy savings are just the tip of the iceberg. All experts agree that the health benefits are probably 50 times more valuable than the energy savings."

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So, how does it work?

Most of us spend our days under artificial lights that can mess with our body's natural rhythms, leading to health issues like fatigue, insomnia, or even depression. Solight's solution is a static solar lighting system that captures sunlight efficiently throughout the day and channels it indoors. But they don't stop there – their system filters out harmful UV rays and excess heat, ensuring a safe and comfortable indoor environment.

But what about the benefits of sunlight, like vitamin D? Solight is on it, exploring ways to let in just enough UVB rays for our bodies to soak up that essential vitamin without the risk of skin cancer.

Solight offers three different products for various needs:

  • SOLIS Max: Perfect for large indoor spaces, this powerhouse can illuminate areas up to 20 meters away, providing ample light with impressive efficiency.
  • Solight's versatile collector: Smaller in size but still mighty, this option is great for average-sized rooms and offers significant energy savings.
  • SOLIS Mini DIY: The smallest and most economical choice, ideal for smaller homes and basement lighting without wasting energy.

And the savings? Solight's calculations are promising – using their products in a thousand 50-square-meter rooms could save the equivalent of 348,000 LED bulbs over five years. With such impressive savings and a return on investment in just a few years, it's clear that Solight's system isn't just innovative; it's a game-changer for sustainable, healthy lighting solutions.