The 'Hidden' Whatsapp Button You Need to Enable to Prevent Your Location From Being Tracked

The 'Hidden' Whatsapp Button You Need to Enable to Prevent Your Location From Being Tracked

Keep your location safe and unlock the secret WhatsApp setting via this button.

WhatsApp is renowned for its versatility and features, offering more than just text messaging with options like stickers, emojis, and file sharing. However, as cyber threats persist, safeguarding privacy becomes crucial. Luckily, the messaging app offers a variety of privacy settings options. WhatsApp often becomes a prime target for cybercriminals due to its widespread use and exchange of personal information. As cybercriminals persist in breaching privacy and accessing users' personal data, it's understandable that an increasing number of internet users feel insecure. Espionage, a common tactic, involves criminals infiltrating users' devices to obtain sensitive information like names, location, passwords, bank details, and contact numbers. Because of that, Meta, the app's developer, regularly updates its security features to strengthen user protection.

How to secure your privacy on WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides various privacy settings for users to tailor according to their needs. While options like controlling profile visibility, such as the ability to manage who can see your profile picture, 'Online' status, current statuses, or other profile information, are well-known, there's a lesser-known feature that enhances security significantly.

Recently introduced for both Android and iOS, this feature hides your IP address during calls, preventing potential eavesdropping on your location. Your IP address, a unique identifier for your device, holds sensitive information that can be exploited if obtained by malicious entities.

How to activate the "Hide IP Address" feature

Enabling this feature is simple:

  • Open WhatsApp and navigate to the "Settings" section.
  • Locate the Privacy settings within the menu.
  • Scroll down to find the "Advanced" section.
  • Activate the option to hide your IP address and any specific information from URLs.

Follow these steps to safeguard your WhatsApp account, but also don't forget to enable two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security, carefully manage your privacy settings within the app, controlling who can view your profile information and statuses. Also, regularly update the app to ensure you have the latest security patches and features. Finally, be careful with unknown messages or requests, as they could be attempts at phishing or other type of scams and hacking. By following these steps, you can stay calm and enjoy WhatsApp's features.