How to check fake reviews on Amazon

How to check fake reviews on Amazon

Amazon has grown to become a giant online retailer where you can find almost anything. The site also allows its customers to post item reviews, which help you to rank an item and make a purchase decision. However, some of these reviews are fake. When considering a new product here are some tips to help you filter out suspicious or misleading reviews on Amazon.

How to spot fake reviews on Amazon?

Fake reviews are used to boost an item’s ranking and appeal, however you can keep an eye out for several details to determine a fake review.

  • The first thing to do is to look for poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation use. Fake reviews are often of poor quality.
  • Another common sign is text in all capital letters, or with other unusual styling.
  • You can also search for similar expressions between posts and short reviews without substance.
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There are also two websites that will help you to detect fake reviews: Fake Spot and Review Meta. To check the reviews of an item on Amazon, enter the page URL and the sites will prepare a ranking on the reviews for that item. You can, then, use this information to determine if the product will meet your expectations.

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