Unsupported signal. Please check device output

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I am trying to hook up my HP laptop to my Sony Bravia TV.

I have an HDMI output for the laptop and an HDMI cable. I have tried simply plugging the cable into the TV and the laptop but when I do that the tv does not show the picture from the laptop a black screen comes up that says "
Unsupported signal. Please check device output.

Can I hook this up with just an HDMI cable or am I doing something wrong?

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The message
Unsupported signal. Please check device output
means that your resolution is too high for the TV. You should consider to lower the definition to something like 800x600 and progressively make it higher.

Did you try holding down the function (Fn) key and tapping the blue monitor key (it's different on all laptops, but usually one of the "F" keys) to send a digital signal to the TV?
Thank you

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You are amazing. It works.
I love you, it worked!!
It worked for me also I just usedt (fn) key and it was the f8 key on my compwith the words(crt/lcd)...thanks!
I tried that, and it didn't seem to work. I'm using a dell m6800 and I set the second screen's resolution to 800/600, and it still says unsupported.
We have a sony Bravia and were tearing our hair out with the same problem. We were getting the audio but the video kept reporting "unsupported signal." In our case it turned out to be the Hz/ Resolution on the computer was set too high. We lowered the resolution on the computer and it started working perfectly. Hope that helps!
Yes!!! This worked great! I was getting so mad at mine for about 2 hours..When I would hook up the HDMI cord the picture went out on the laptop. And I got the unsupported signal..I thought the device wasn't added...Thank you!
I have an HP laptop and a panasonic tv. First time I used the HDMI cable, it was instant sucess. Then the gremlins set in ( prob me trying to figure out out what the NVIDIA control panel could do ) there was no laptop display on tv.

My answer was to open the NVIDIA control panel (Graphics ) from right click on desk top.
go to "set up multiple displays"
then if you are lucky the name of your TV should be in a box waiting to be selected.
select and follow instructions:
RESULT! perfect sound and vision from laptop on the tv screen.
right click on desktop click on garphics options then click output to only can see option when lead is pluged in hope it helps
you need to go into setting on your tv and click the hdmi to on.....it will work then! had to do the same when I fixed my sons ps3 hd lead to his tv..
This happened to me - I had a hdmi cable hook up on both ends and it does not work. I bought a new cable HDMI to DVI. The DVI is in the back of the pc video card.
plugin the tv to your laptop with the hdmi cable then try right click then g down to personalizaton then too display settings, after that click on the 2 insidethe box and tick the box witch says "extend the desktop on t this monitar" click apply and it should be done.

ps I do ot have a hp laptop so this may not work
I have just come clicked on this link and in the meantime figured out myself how to work do it lol.

I have a samsung TV which is HD and I've been using a VGA cable which only supports 720p, now with my TV with HD it is 1020p, and when using the VGA cable I was gettin a shadow on screen and it was doin my head in.

Anyways whenever I had the VGA plugged in, on my TV I usually had to change the source to PC but with the HDMI I've had to select the 'HDMI input' from the source list.

Worked for me.

Hope it helps anyone else :)