After 28 years, this historic Windows application will finally disappear!

After 28 years, this historic Windows application will finally disappear!

As tech advances at breakneck speed, tech giants like Windows refuse to remain stagnant. With the introduction of Copilot, Windows is set to eliminate some of its historic apps from the roster of pre-installed tools. Read on to discover what this entails and learn how to replace the recently removed applications.

Microsoft is set to bid farewell to WordPad, a stalwart software that has faithfully served Windows users for an impressive 28 years. Since its introduction in August 1995, WordPad has been a go-to application for many, but its journey is now reaching its end as Microsoft officially deprecated it in 2023. The tech giant declared that WordPad would no longer receive updates and is slated for removal in a future version of Windows.

Currently, Microsoft is in the testing phase of this impending version of Windows. The latest Canary version of Windows 11 has conspicuously excluded WordPad. This move is further emphasized by Microsoft stating that WordPad and People applications will no longer come pre-installed after a fresh operating system installation.

For users who have grown accustomed to WordPad, Microsoft is suggesting alternative applications. For .doc or .rtf documents, Microsoft recommends turning to the more robust Microsoft Word. Meanwhile, for plain text documents, Notepad remains a reliable choice.

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The removal of WordPad signifies the conclusion of an era for Windows users, marking a transition in Microsoft's approach to its software offerings.

Interestingly, as WordPad takes a backseat, Microsoft is actively investing in enhancing other applications. Both Microsoft Word and Notepad are reportedly set to receive generative artificial intelligence features. Rumors are circulating that Notepad will soon boast a writing assistance function, injecting a modern touch into this classic application.

The winds of change aren't limited to WordPad alone. Cortana, the former Windows assistant, has also faced deprecation since June 2023. Microsoft's focus has shifted towards generative artificial intelligence, leading to the introduction of Copilot—a new assistant based on OpenAI's GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 technologies. To emphasize the significance of Copilot, Microsoft has even designated a new key on the Windows keyboard to invoke this advanced assistant.

In essence, Microsoft's decision to retire WordPad and Cortana reflects a strategic move towards embracing advanced technologies and improving user experiences. As Windows evolves, users can anticipate a new era marked by enhanced features and increased reliance on generative artificial intelligence. This shift underscores Microsoft's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and providing users with cutting-edge tools for a seamless digital experience.