Some websites don't allow it, but we know the trick: here's how to get the right-click back

Some websites don't allow it, but we know the trick: here's how to get the right-click back

Many websites block helpful functions that are possible with the right-click. However, a browser extension can put an end to this and reactivate the useful features of the context menu on almost all websites.

Have you ever found an interesting image or video while browsing the internet that you want to save for later, only to realize that some websites, like Instagram, make it challenging by disabling the right-click context menu options for downloading? Don't worry, as the solution comes in the form of the "Allow Right-Click" browser extension.

This free and open-source extension serves a simple yet powerful purpose – it restores the familiar context menu functionality even on websites that restrict it. So, whether the context menu is completely disabled or specific downloading options are unavailable, this extension steps in to make saving images or videos hassle-free.

Moreover, the "Allow Right-Click" extension addresses another annoyance on certain pages where copying texts is restricted. With this tool, you can now effortlessly copy texts on such pages, overcoming the limitations imposed by website settings.

What are the main feature of this extension?

One of the standout features of this extension is its ability to copy images and videos directly to the clipboard, eliminating the need to save them on your computer first. This proves to be particularly handy on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. You can easily copy posts and short videos and paste them into programs like PowerPoint, Keynote, or Word. However, it's crucial to always adhere to applicable copyright laws when using such content.

How to activate the "Allow Right-Click" extension

While it may seem a bit inconvenient that the extension needs to be activated on each specific website to unlock its functionality, the process is straightforward. Download the "Allow Right-Click" extension for Chrome, and then a simple click on "Allow Right-Click" in the browser extension menu is all it takes. On the positive side, the extension doesn't consume any resources when inactive.

Allow Right-Click extension Google Chrome
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For added convenience, the extension also offers an option for automatic activation on frequently visited pages. This ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of the "Allow Right-Click" extension seamlessly without the need for manual activation every time. So, if you've been frustrated by the limitations imposed by certain websites, don't worry anymore and enhance your browsing experience with the "Allow Right-Click" extension to regain control over your ability to save and copy content effortlessly (but without ignoring the copyright policies).