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Smite for PC

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Smite for PC
Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 - English

One-of-a-kind online multiplayer combat arena game. The game has a large number of neat skins and game modes for all kinds of gamers. Plus, from time to time you can have access to different promo codes.

Registration date
Wednesday October 14, 2020
Last seen
October 13, 2021

What is Smite? Smite is a free video game belonging to the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) category. The setting and the storyline of the Smite game is aimed at mythology lovers. You will have the possibility to become a powerful god and destroy the opponent's defenses. Your main objective is to destroy the enemy's base and to eliminate the titan that protects it. But beware! You can absolutely not forget to protect your own tower from the forces of evil. This is our Smite download page.

Key Features

  • Multiple Game Modes : Conquest, Arena, Siege, Joust, Assault, and Clash. Each mode has its own settings, characteristics, and unique style of Smite gameplay.
  • Diversity of mythologies: Smite includes Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Norse, and Mayan mythologies.
  • More than 100 gods: Each of the playable Smite characters has different abilities and different fighting styles.
  • Built-in Twitch Tool: Watch streams from other Smite players or broadcast your own gaming sessions ive.
  • Multiplayer and Crossplay: Play with and against users from other platforms.

Is Smite Cross-Platform?

  • Yes, Smite supports cross-platform play and progression between PC, Xbox One PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Is Smite Free?

  • It absolutely is. Smite is a free to play game for everyone. The game does however include optional in-game purchases, called Smite Avatars, which can be used to benefit your god and complement your personal playing style.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8 or 7 (64-bit).
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Athlon X2 2.7 GHz.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM.
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT.
  • Storage: 30 GB free disk space.

Images: © Titan Forge Games.

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