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.NET Framework is a Microsoft's utility that allows you to build and to run applications and web services. It comes along with several services.

Key features

It has two components. Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework Class Library. The first one allows you to execute engine that runs applications while the second includes a library of tested and reusable codes for developers. This application provides you with several tools such as Alphabetical listing of tools, debugging tools, security tools, interop tools, etc. To simplify the developer's tasks, .NET Framework comes along with utility for web applications (ASP.NET), data access (ADO.NET) and service-oriented applications (Windows Communication Foundation). To avoid starting from scratch, .NET Framework has code samples that developers can use in their projects. Among these samples, you have samples for deployment, formatting, encoding, networking technologies, etc. Most applications developed with a particular version of .NET Framework do not encounter problems when running on a later version.


Alternative spelling: dotnetfx45setup.exe
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