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Josh is an Indian short video app developed in Bharat and launched in 2020. With more than 70 million active users to date, the new social media platform is a fresh social app to record, create and share!

What are the key features of Josh?

Stay informed and entertained, with more than one billion video plays per day, the app offers a variety of channels addressed to all kinds of audiences. Whereas you like sports, fashion, music, cooking or perhaps social work, news or environment, the channels are open and led by top creators and celebrities in India. The app is always looking for new collaborations and new talents all over India and around the world to keep their channels updated for its users. The  social media network gathered a 100 million dollars in funding from Falcon Edge Capital's AlphaWave, Google, and Microsoft, that will help ensure its growth in the Indian and global markets pointing out that the app is here to stay. 

The challenges which follow different topics and ideas. Everyone can be the next superstar and that’s what Josh is all about; looking for creators who could be promoted by the app to showcase their talent. With their network of creators to help around, weekly challenges are launched under different hashtags open for everyone, make sure to follow them and perhaps you could be the next superstar!

Filters, music and fun, just like other short video apps, enjoy the use of filters and image editing in a nice and simple design interface. Select your videos and images, apply your favorite filter and you’ll be ready for upload! Add some music by selecting a tune out of their top 10 music labels with the latest Indian and global music hits for some extra fun.

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#ProudToBeIndian, the app has taken very seriously the importance to expand this technology in India, one of its main goals is to use their platform to promote the rich culture and values of the country to a global audience and bring the app to all corners of the country to empower creative minds all over India.

It’s not all about English! Josh app was developed in 12 languages; Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, Oriya, Punjabi and Bhojpuri, the app has stated that they’ll keep adding more languages with time to make it accessible for a wider audience in India and the world.

Is it free?

Yes! Josh is available for free, so, just sign up and get ready to start recording!

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