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  • Developer Bluesky PBLLC
  • Version 1.21.0
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Bluesky is an innovative decentralized social network designed to break the boundaries between all the different services and media platforms and let users seamlessly communicate across them. As an alternative to Twitter, it offers all the handy features you can expect and brings more privacy and friendly-oriented possibilities.

What is Bluesky?

Bluesky is an ongoing initiative to develop a decentralized social network solution based on the open-source AT protocol, which has been the brainchild of Twitter. The final goal is to make social networks more like email, blogs, or phone numbers. That makes interacting with each other through different platforms feel frictionless and automatically handled.

In a nutshell, the open-source AT protocol built by Bluesky (and on which Bluesky is built) would allow users to interact with each other through different platforms without needing to create individual accounts on the services (imagine messaging a Twitter user account from Facebook).

But it doesn't stop there, as it also strives to create healthy communities, gives you more control over what kind of content you see in your feeds, and allows you to link your Bluesky account with your own domain.

What are the key features of Bluesky?

  • Interface: The user experience is pleasantly familiar with what you can expect from other social media like Twitter. It makes it quite intuitive to use, and you can expect to find most of the standard features you use every day, like posting and comments, tagging users, sharing documents, photos, and videos, and more features like safety-related ones.
  • AT Protocol: The AT protocol is the open-source base on which Bluesky is built and stands as the key innovation of the service. Indeed, it is a combination of decentralized networking technologies that aim to connect social networks and users.
  • Communicate without limits: You can connect with anyone on any other social media platform or service using the AT Protocol. While it may sound trivial, it drastically changes how you connect with other people through the different platforms, as communication and your data are automatically handled and interpreted, so you don't need to connect to several accounts on different services.
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  • Algorithmic choice: Your attention is the crucial resource social platforms seek, and that is the purpose of feed algorithms. As they identify what you like and consult, they can provide you with the content you want and retain your attention for longer. But, some people want a simple chronologically sorted feed or to be able to customize that part of their experience. That is why the AT Protocol allows developers to provide more diversified algorithms but also allows you to choose what you see, so you stay in control over what you consult.
  • Custom domains: Bluesky uses domains (like as handles and allows you to opt for Bluesky as your provider and set up your own. It is pretty handy to own a single domain and use it on all your applications built on the AT protocol. In addition, using custom domains allows you to carry your identity, use it for your employees in your business, as a brand, and more.
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How to use Bluesky?

  1. As it is still in the beta stage, you must join the waitlist to redeem an invitation code. You will be able to use Bluesky when you receive a valid one.
  2. Choose your hosting provider, it can be Bluesky by default or your own one. Of course, you can change it at any time.
  3. Enter your invite code.
  4. Set up your account, explore the different feeds, like "Following," and connect with other users.

Is Bluesky free?

Yes, Bluesky is entirely free to use.

Is Bluesky safe?

Bluesky is considered safe to use, but remember that nothing is 100% secure, and social media are free but can use your data.