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  • Developer LOCALS
  • Version 1.4.7
  • License Freeware
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Locals is a new app dedicated to creators and everyone who'd love to join a community with like-minded people, interact and share ideas. You can register and follow the famous creators that interest you or discover some new locals who are producing something interesting for you. The app eases the creation of communities between individuals in order to connect with each other, get closer, and find new friends, ideas, and hobbies.

What are the key features of Locals?

  • Create and share content: The app is destined for creators who can sell and promote their content to the local communities, such as organizing excursions, giving lectures, teaching English, and so much more.
  • Interaction: You can find the creators you are interested in and interact with them by accessing exclusive content and exchanging ideas and thoughts.
  • Find like-minded people: The Locals app lets you join communities and find people who think like you and share the same values.
  • Filters: By using various filters you can find interesting communities, join them, and have a lovely company for a specific activity or a discussion.
  • Support: Use your monthly coins to support some content creators and say "thank you".
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How does the Locals app work?

The Locals app works as a social media for various communities, where people can meet, talk and interact with each other depending on their interests. It works on a subscription basis.

Is it free?

Locals app is free to download but it works on a subscription basis: $7.99 per month and offers additional in-app purchases.

Is it safe?

Locals is a safe app, it doesn’t sell users’ data.