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Tango is a social network video platform dedicated to sharing and broadcasting videos, and following live events. It's one of the most complete social media platforms and it's free to use. The app also allows users to make audio and video calls, send instant messages, and communicate with Tango subscribers all around the world.

What are the key features of Tango?

  • Live Broadcasts: Tango social networking has a complete homepage dedicated to broadcasting live videos around the world. Different profiles and activities can be found among Tango subscribers, where you can interact with them by sending messages, gifts, and stickers. You can also broadcast your own videos live and share them openly or privately.

  • Calls and Messages: The application allows users to make audio and video calls along with sending and receiving instant messages without any cost. This can be done with or without adding a phone number. The user has a private or public profile and can openly communicate with other Tango users according to their settings.
  • Fun Adds: With Tango, users can use filters, stickers, emojis, and more to edit and modify their videos before uploading them to the social network. Filters and stickers are available for live broadcasts. Users can also experiment with the use of avatars to create an alternative profile.
  • Local and Global Reach: The app can sort the videos and broadcasts by nearby location showing profiles and events happening in the area. It also allows users to expand the search for other Tango profiles worldwide and engage with broadcasts, events, messages, and calls.
  • Artists and Events Live: Tango allows users to filter and select their favorite artists and profiles. Artists have live broadcast shows, and the app has a wide range of events happening worldwide. Get real-time updates of everything happening in the app with push notifications and don't miss out on anything.
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Is Tango free?

Tango is free for download and use. However, the coins to give away to other users have additional costs.

How to set up Tango?

Simply download Tango on your device. Log in with your email, phone number, or Facebook account. The app will be then ready to use.

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