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Mumble is a VoIP (Voice on Internet Protocol) application mainly meant for voice chats during those long gaming sessions with your friends. Released in 2005, Mumble is still extremely relevant among gamers thanks to its high sound quality and low latency. Furthermore, the software is praised for its high data encryption and privacy standards. Mumble is written in C++ and available in various languages.

What are the key features of Mumble?

  • Discussion: Mumble helps you to communicate with your fellow gamers with minimal latency and simply awesome sound quality. Prepare yourself for a long and intense gaming night.
  • Interface: The interface includes two parts: on one hand we find the activity log, whereas on the other side we have the server view where you can see the available chat rooms and the names of the users currently active in each particular room. Users can also upload avatars to better represent themselves.
  • In-game overlay: The integrated game overlay provides real-time statistics on the games you play, including your current FPS (frames per second).
  • Speech synthesis: What makes this software different from its competitors is that it supports speech synthesis. This means that the application can convert your spoken words into written text, and the other way around.

How does Mumble work?

Mumble uses client-server technology. Servers basically work as chat rooms where users can drop into a conversation and start talking to each other. You can do so by opening the application and heading to Server > Connect. Now enter the address of the desired server and click OK to start the conversation.

Is it free?

Mumble is a completely free open-source software that can be used cross-platform, meaning that it allows you to chat with Mac users while you are on Windows and vice versa.

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