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Discord is a cross-platform messaging app created specifically for gamers, but now it's perfect for anyone. It allows you to meet up with your friends online on dedicated servers, see who's playing or not, stay up to date on the group's conversation history, and lots, lots more.

What are the key features of Discord?

  • Interface: Discord's interface is just excellent. Everything is well organized and clear, it offers many ways to customize the interface (how messages are displayed, appearance, accessibility, voice and video, notification, keybinds, language, and lots more), and it features a dark theme mode. In addition, you can even set up a different profile for every server you join (you will have another name, a different avatar, etc.).

  • Messaging: You can send instant messages and share images, GIFs, documents, and links, and there are tons of default and customizable emojis available. Conversations on Discord rock.

  • Video calls: You can start a video up with up to 25 people, share your screen, and have memorable moments with your friends and other people.

  • Live Stream: Streaming on Discord allows you to interact with your community and empowers you to offer a top-notch user experience. In addition, it is straightforward to integrate into other software like OBS and streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Last but not least, you will have complete control over the content you provide, you can interact with your viewers on a more personal level, and your content will be streamed in a very stable way, as Discord features an excellent compression solution.

  • Servers: To get an even better experience, you can join servers or create your own, which you can make public or private. If you want to create a community, there are lots of administration tools to manage your server as you can create sub-groups with numerous specific types of channels (messages, vocals), you can define users' privileges, configure bots to help people and guide them when they join your server and lots more. Discord shines when it comes to managing communities and helping you keep your environment as you like.

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How to use Discord?

Once downloaded and installed:

  1. You only have to create an account with a username and an email address.
  2. You can then search and join existing servers or create your own.
  3. Also, you can start adding friends and start conversations on dedicated channels.
  4. You can check other tips on the official Discord website.

Is it free?

You can download and use Discord for free and enjoy a fantastic experience. But you can also support the team and take advantage of more features, storage, and customizations by subscribing to Discord Nitro.

Is it safe?

The app has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. However, we always recommend reading the official Privacy policy to consider how Discord uses your data.

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