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TeamSpeak is a voice chat server, that allows you to communicate with a number of people simultaneously. Like discord, it is popular with online gamers and streamers who want to discuss with their followers.

What are the key features of TeamSpeak?

  • Communication: TeamSpeak makes it possible to chat in real time online. Codecs are used to reduce the latency for the communication and improve voice quality. It is perfect for online players to send instructions or information to others players on the team.
  • 3D Effects: These are integrated to improve or change the sound of the voice. The sound can be moved in a three dimensional space. For a conference online, this option helps to better define the place of all stakeholders on a virtual table.
  • Protection: the connection to TeamSpeak server no longer requires nor a user name nor a password. Authorization to connect comes from the server without having to enter anything. The identification is done automatically when launching the software.

TeamSpeak has a designated Community Forum where you can discuss the latest updates, pose your questions and offer suggestions to improve TeamSpeak. There is also a large selection of FAQ's that cover almost every enquiry that you may have with TeamSpeak.

How to use TeamSpeak?

  • Download the latest version of TeamSpeak here.
  • Launch TeamSpeak 3 Client once it has finished downloading.
  • Go to the Connections menu, and select Connect.
  • Enter your chosen server's address, create a nickname, and enter the server password (if there is one).

Is it free?

TeamSpeak 3 Client, is Free to download and install on your PC, Mac or Linux device. Once you have installed it, you can access 1000s of public TeamSpeak servers for free.

If you want to run your own server, you will need to buy a Gamer License. The pricing for this is displayed below. You can buy a Gamer License here from the TeamSpeak site.

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