Social media

  • Koo is an Indian micro-blogging platform based in Bangalore, India. Discussion on the app is focussed on Indian Thoughts. Koo functions in a similar way to Twitter, however Koo allows... License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • Josh is an Indian short video app developed in Bharat and launched in 2020. The recently released social media network gathered a 100 million dollars in funding from Falcon Edge Capital's... License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • Tuned is the new social network launched by Facebook and it's entirely dedicated to couple relationships. Designed for iOS and Android devices, the app is currently available for Apple... License : Freeware | OS : iOS
  • Locals is a new app dedicated to creators and everyone who'd love to join a community with like-minded people, interact and share ideas. You can register and follow the famous creators... License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • makromusic is a music-based social network for Spotify. The app finds Spotify users' music buddies depending on their playlists and favorite songs and performers. makromusic was developed... License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • 9GAG is a Hong Kong-based online platform and social media website. It allows its users to upload to share user-generated content or other content from external social media websites.... License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • What is Facebook Lite and how does it work? As its name suggests, this is a lighter version of the popular social network's mobile application. In this article, we discuss some of the... License : Freeware | OS : Android