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Paradoxically, social networks and recent technological advances have brought us closer to those far away, yet they have isolated us from persons closest to us in our surroundings. Nextdoor is "your window to the neighborhood", an app whose mission is to strengthen ties with those close to us, in this case, our neighbors.

What are the key features of Nextdoor?

Nextdoor aims to strengthen the sense of community between neighbours. Nextdoor encourages people to interact with their neighbours and seek help from them if and whenever we need it. Through this app we can find someone that we trust to guard the children, someone who can provide us with a specific tool that we are lacking, or simply someone with whom we can share our experiences and our daily concerns.

Nextdoor has also considered those that are not overtly technological, and has created a template document that you can print out and post in the common areas of your apartment, or on a neighbourhood announcements wall. These are available through the app and on the website.

How does Nextdoor work?

During the initial registration process, you will be asked for your postal code and address, (the app can use your GPS to find your exact location), in order to ensure that all participants are actually residents of the respective neighbourhood that they sign up to. From here we can start to post or comment on the group bulletin board, create a “Nextdoor Group”, and get informed about upcoming events in your area.

Is it free?

Yes, Nextdoor is free to download and use. 

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