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In the exciting world of cartography, there is one tool that stands out: Global Mapper. Come discover how it has become an essential companion for professionals in various fields, as it can boost your geospatial projects and analysis, and streamline your workflow.

What is Global Mapper?

Global Mapper is an advanced GIS (Geographic Information System) software tool that provides both novice and experienced users with a wide range of tools for processing spatial data. Its intuitive user interface and functional design make it easy to learn, allowing you to get started quickly. It offers extensive data interoperability, ease of use, free technical support, and affordable pricing. It can operate independently or as a complement to existing GIS infrastructures.

What are the key features of Global Mapper?

  • Broad compatibility and versatility: Global Mapper can be used alone or in conjunction with other GIS tools. It offers access to a wide variety of imagery and geographic data, including topography and DEM/DSM files from various repositories.
  • Flexible view interface: The new program panel allows displaying multiple map windows docked for more effective data visualization and manipulation.
  • Global Energy Mapper: GEM functionality is now included in the base version of the application.
  • Feature extension plug-in support: it is possible to create plug-ins to extend functionality through custom toolbars and menu items.
  • Data import and export: It supports a wide variety of data formats (in fact, over 300), covering raster, vector, elevation, and point cloud. Also, it virtually supports all types of geospatial data for import and export.
  • LiDAR point clouds: You can visualize and process LiDAR files populated by millions of points flawlessly.
  • 3D and 2D: Global Mapper works with both 2D and 3D data.
  • Online data access: You can access data online and stream basemaps, terrain, vector, and imagery data.
  • Compatible with Google Earth: Complement Global Mapper's functionality with Google Earth thanks to its ability to import and export data in KML/KMZ format.
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  • Image rectification: It is easy to carry out vertical and horizontal rectification, as well as point cloud thinning of point cloud data.
  • Geocoding: Global Mapper is able to convert geographic coordinates you tell it into real addresses. Furthermore, it offers GPS support for tracking and data collection.
  • Chart manager: You can easily create and configure charts or tables from uploaded data.
  • Map printing and web publishing: It combines diverse solutions for sharing maps and data. Access material from DigitalGlobe, OpenStreetMap, and TerraServer-USA/MSRMaps.
  • More: Global Mapper offers support for cropping, image blending, histogram matching, feathering, and even pan-sharpening. Also, it provides powerful options for customizing visual features in vector entities.
  • Digitizing: Explore a wide range of tools available to create and edit features on the digital map.
  • Raster calculator: With it, you can perform mathematical operations on multi-band images and extract specific information.

How to use Global Mapper?

  1. Run Global Mapper and open a new project.
  2. Use the "Open Data File(s)" option to import your geospatial data. You can load satellite imagery, shapefile files, LiDAR data, and more.
  3. Use the navigation tools (zoom, pan) to explore your data on the map.
  4. Use the drawing and editing tools to create, modify, or delete geospatial elements on the map.
  5. Perform spatial analysis such as area calculations, distance measurements, and slope analysis using the analysis tools.
  6. Export maps or data in various formats for use in other programs or to create cartographic reports.
  7. Customize the interface and toolbars to suit your needs. Explore the possibility of using add-ons to extend the functionality.
  8. Don't forget to save your project to preserve all changes.

Is Global Mapper free?

Here, we offer you the free 14-day trial version of Global Mapper, but you can opt to purchase the paid version.

Is Global Mapper safe?

Yes, Global Mapper is considered safe to use.

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