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GifCam is a versatile solution to create animated GIFs from your PC. Easy to use and providing many features, you can use it to create all kinds of GIF-based content.

What is GifCam?

GifCam is a very versatile and feature-rich program for creating animated GIFs. Providing an elegant and intuitive editor, you can use it for various purposes, like recording videos for tutorials, memes, short cinematographic clips, and more. Besides, you can finely tune your GIF quality options to achieve the best results.

What are the key features of GifCam?

  • Interface: GifCam offers a neat interface so simple that you will master it in minutes.
  • Draw selection: This is a hit, as you can precisely draw a selection box around the area you want to record.
  • Editing: GifCam provides flexible and powerful frame editing features, empowering you to add and delete frames and edit delays. You can also resize an entire GIF or add reverse frames.
  • Text: You can even write your text in one line or multiple ones, set the frame range, align it right/center/left, add shadow, and tune the font.
  • Versatile: You can use GifCam for anything you want, so unleash your creativity and create crazy original content, like an animated painting, an animated text message, a retro-looking GIF, or anything else you want.
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  • Draw green screen: This feature enables you to generate cinemagraphs, which are GIFs with certain elements in motion while others remain static. Honestly, it's perfect for simply creating a unique atmosphere.
  • Capture cursor: You can choose whether or not you want to capture your cursor too. That's handy if you want to show a specific feature with a GIF.
  • Variable framerate: You can choose the framerate, including 10 FPS, 16 FPS, or 33 FPS.
  • Profile: The profile window presents frames with a bar chart, giving you the profile info of each individual frame (size in bytes, number of colors, and percentage of green screen).
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  • Shortcuts: It makes it so much easier to use as you don't need to use your mouse. Use your keyboard shortcuts and start using GifCam instantly.
  • Saving: Once you're done recording and editing, you can save your GIF in 5 different color reduction formats, like Quantize, 256 colors, 20 colors, GrayScale, and Monochrome.

How to use GifCam?

  1. Open the app, and you will see the transparent recording area, so you can position the window to select where you want to record. Alternatively, click on "Draw Selection" and draw your selection box (you can hold down the Shift key while framing to start recording immediately).
  2. Click the "Rec" button or press Ctrl+R to start recording. Alternatively, click on "Frame" to capture frame by frame.
  3. To delete frames and add or remove delays, you can click on the "Edit" button and then right-click on the frame you want to edit.
  4. When you're done, click on "Save" and optionally select your color format.

Is GifCam free?

GifCam is 100% free to use.

Is GifCam safe?

Yes, GifCam is safe to use without a second thought.