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LightShot is a software that allows users to take customized screenshots. It was developed by Skillbrains and is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced users. In this article, we discuss some of the app's key features and additional information.

What are the key features of LightShot?

  • Select: LightShot allows users to take a screenshot of any area of the desktop. All they need to do is to select it - the rest is done in 2 button-clicks, and this is why the software is also a time saver.

  • Edit: In addition to the above, users are also free to edit the screenshots they have taken. LightShot comes with different editing tools that can be used right away, when a screenshot is taken, or come back later and edit it at any given time.

  • Share: Sharing screenshots over the Internet is also very simple. In fact, LightShot has its own server where the images are uploaded. To share them, users get a short link right away and they can share it with their friends and family or over different social networks.

  • Similar Image: Another good feature of LightShot is the possibility to find similar images: users only have to select the desired area on their screen and the app will try to find similar pictures.

  • Platforms: If you are wondering if there is a LightShot-Chrome extension, then yes - the extension is also available for Firefox.

  • Interface: Taking a screenshot is really easy - it can be done in two clicks of the mouse. Users that aren't at ease with computers might find the interface user-friendly as well.


How to use LightShot?

As mentioned above, the software is quite easy to handle. If you aren’t sure how to start, then we recommend watching the official video tutorials.

Is LightShot free?

You can download and use this app for free. For the LightShot download, click on the green button at the top of the page.

Is LightShot safe?

LightShot users have reported in the past the software’s questionable Privacy policy that we recommend reading before installing.

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