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Greenshot is a tool developed to allow users to easily make a screen capture. It allows you to capture the entire screen or only a precise part of it. It also features a handy graphic editor.

What are the key features of Greenshot?

  • Hotkeys: With Greenshot, the capture process can be executed by pressing a combination of keys. It makes the operation simpler and quicker. There are hotkeys both for a full-screen capture, partly capture, and window capture.
  • Image editor: Different tools are provided in order to modify the image you have just captured. For example, with Greenshot image editor, it is possible to annotate the image with texts or draw a figure. The user can also rotate the image or modify its coloration level. This might come in handy if you need to work with this screenshot with graphic programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, or Gimp.
  • Export: The image captured with Greenshot can be saved in numerous file formats. It supports inter alia the generation of BMP, JPG, or PNG files. This software can also produce multi page image files in the TIFF format.
  • Publication: What is interesting about Greenshot is that with it, you can directly share the captured image on the web. The user can upload them to file storage services such as Dropbox or send it by mail using Mozilla Thunderbird or Gmail, for example.

How to use Greenshot?

Greenshot is running in the background. When you want to take a screenshot, simply press one of the following keys depending on your needs:

  • Print

    – to capture region

  • Shift + Print

    – to capture last region

  • Alt+Print

    – to capture windows

  • Control + Print

    – to capture fullscreen

  • Control + Shift + Print

    – to capture Internet Explorer.

You can learn more about various screenshots abilities of the Greenshot on its official help page.

Is Greenshot free?

Greenshot is an open-source program, so it is completely free of charge for Windows computers.

Is Greenshot a safe app?

Greenshot is virus-free and safe, although we still recommend you to read its privacy policy before using it.

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