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  • Developer Krita Foundation
  • Version 4.4.5
  • License Freeware
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Krita is a raster graphics editor that is especially suitable for 2D animation and digital painting. The software was developed by Krita Foundation and was firstly released in 2015, although its origins can be traced back to the 1998 Linux Kongress.

What are the key features of Krita?

  • Krita Animation: Krita offers users the possibility to create simple, yet powerful 2D animations. Drawings can come to life by layering animations - audio import is also supported, so you don't need other software to finish your work.

  • Krita Brushes: The software comes with a whole kit of brushes - sketch brushes, grid brushes, deform brushes, clone brushes, texture brushes, among others - that can be customized. The Krita library contains over 100 brushes that are professionally made.

  • Wrap-around Mode: Krita is perfect for those who need to create textures and patterns (for backgrounds and abstract vignettes, for example): thanks to this mode, as well as to the Multi brush and Mirror Symmetry tools, painting a mirrored image can be done in no time.

  • Interface: A great thing about Krita is that its interface is very user-friendly. Moreover, users are free to completely customize it: they can create shortcuts, move the dockers and panels, as well as customize the layout.

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How to use Krita?

As mentioned above, Krita has a quite intuitive interface. If you are looking for a Krita tutorial, it is fairly easy to find one on the Internet. Moreover, the official website offers users a user manual that will guide them through the whole process, starting from the installation. 

Is Krita free?

Yes, you can use this software for free.

Is Krita safe?

It seems that the app has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. Krita is open-source, which means that everyone can check the source code. We recommend downloading this software only from websites with a good reputation.

Krita vs. GIMP

GIMP is another raster graphics editor, so which one is best? It depends on your needs: GIMP is better for image editing and graphic designing work, while Krita is more suitable for creating digital arts and has a more intuitive interface. Both software are open-source.

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