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Bitmoji is a graphics and social media application that allows you to create custom emoji, such as an avatar of yourself, called a Bitmoji. You can then use your Bitmoji to create photos and videos, stickers and even merch to share with friends.

What are the key features of Bitmoji?

  • Create a cartoon avatar and use it on your social networks instead of a real photo;
  • Create personalized stickers with your emoji on them that you can use in messengers, such as Snapchat, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.
  • Dress your Bitmoji the way you dress in real life or experiment with style;
  • You can create stickers and emojis in Snapchat featuring 2 people, you and a friend of yours.
  • You can rep your Bitmoji on different accessories, such as a cup, t-shirt, notebook, etc. This could be a cool gift idea for a friend who also uses Bitmoji.

How does Bitmoji work?

To create a Bitmoji you simply need to take a selfie and then correct the haircut, eyes color, and other physical details to make your Bitmoji look exactly like you. When you are done you can save and export your Bitmoji to create stickers and more!

Is Bitmoji free?

Bitmoji is free to download and use, however, it contains some in-app purchases, such as merch in the Bitmoji store.

Is Bitmoji safe?

Bitmoji is considered a safe app because it claims to not read and access your messages. Although it can still collect other than messaging data, so make sure to read its privacy policy.

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