SnapTok free for Android APK

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  • Developer AIO Studio (Apps For Mobile)
  • Version 1.3.1
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

SnapTok is an app to download TikTok videos without watermark with HD quality results. It also lets you download any audio and thumbnail. Simple to use, lightweight, and efficient, it is a powerful solution to get all the content you want from TikTok.

What are the key features of SnapTok?

  • Download videos: SnapTok allows you to download TikTok videos in a few seconds effortlessly from your smartphone.
  • Music and thumbnails: You can download mp3 music and thumbnail from any video.
  • Watermark-free: Watermarks are no longer a problem as SnapTok is able to remove any watermark effortlessly.
  • Watch offline: Thanks to the integrated video players, you can watch all your videos offline.
  • Wallpaper and ringtone: You can set live wallpaper from TikTok and set live wallpaper on the lockscreen. In addition, you can use the video sounds and set them as ringtones.
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How to use SnapTok?

  1. Open TikTok, and click on Copy link to copy the link of the video you want to download. Alternatively, you can go to the trending page right from the SnapTok TikTok feed and copy the link of the video you want.
  2. Paste the video link into SnapTok, and click on Download Now. Either choose to download the video without a watermark by watching an ad, download the video with a watermark, save the image in JPG format, or download the music or audio of the video.
  3. Wait for the video to finish downloading.
  4. Go to the Downloads section, where you can consult all the videos, covers, and music you downloaded. 

Is it free?

Yes, SnapTok is free to use.

Is it safe?

So far, SnapTok has no history of data leaks and does not contain malware, so it is safe to use.