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MeetMe is a popular dating app where you can not only find your love but also new friends and people who share the same interests. The app lets you send text messages, video chat, create live streams, and much more.

What are the key features of MeetMe?

  • Text: You can start the conversation with people of the same interests by sending text messages in private or group chats.
  • Video chat: Another option to meet new friends is to video chat with local people.
  • Explore the neighborhood: Discover and find new places with locals if you moved to a new city or district.
  • Live streams: Via MeetMe you can also create live streams and broadcast to a wide audience.
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How does MeetMe work?

MeetMe is a classic online dating app and a social network, through which you can meet new people and communicate with them. It is free to use, though you can purchase MeetMe credits to increase your visibility on the site and meet more people.

Is MeetMe free?

MeetMe is free to download and use, though contains some in-app purchases, such as credits (for example, a pack of 500 Credits will cost you $4.99).

Is MeetMe safe?

Like other online dating apps, MeetMe can not guarantee the honesty and goodwill of its users. To ensure your safety, the app created a safety practices guide that you should consult before going on a date with a stranger.

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