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  • Developer QuestSoft
  • Version 6.10.0
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

This free Windows translator simplifies communication seamlessly. Select your text, and the translation pops up effortlessly. Speak text or explore dictionaries—it's that simple! Whether you're a language enthusiast or a global web navigator, QTranslate has your back. Let the linguistic adventures begin!

What is QTranslate?

QTranslate is a handy, free translation tool for Windows. It lets you translate text in different apps, supporting multiple languages. Key features include text translation, speech recognition, and the ability to translate text using various applications. QTranslate taps into online services like Google Translate and Microsoft Translator for accurate language translation. You also get extras like dictionary lookups, virtual keyboard input, and text-to-speech features for an enhanced experience.

What are the key features of QTranslate?

  • Fluid text translation: Translate text effortlessly within various applications that support text selection, ensuring a seamless multilingual experience.
  • Accurate speech recognition: Utilize precise speech recognition technology to effortlessly convert spoken words into text, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  • Image text recognition: Leverage the OCR API from OCR.SPACE to extract text from images, providing a practical solution for converting visual information into editable text.
  • Natural text-to-speech synthesis: Transform written content into lifelike spoken words with the text-to-speech synthesis feature, enhancing the accessibility of textual information.
  • Dynamic online dictionary search: Access a comprehensive range of online dictionaries for quick and accurate word definitions, translations, and language exploration.
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  • Offline XDXF dictionary support: Explore extensive dictionaries offline with the XDXF format, ensuring you can perform thorough searches without an active internet connection.
  • Intelligent spell checking: Improve the accuracy of your written content with built-in spell checking, ensuring error-free communication.
  • Smart word suggestions and autocomplete: Enhance your writing efficiency with intelligent word suggestions and autocomplete features, streamlining the text input process.
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  • Translation history tracking: Keep a record of your translation activities with a dedicated history feature, allowing you to conveniently revisit and manage your past translations.
  • Versatile virtual keyboard: Type easily using the virtual keyboard, providing a flexible input method for various languages and scenarios.
  • Supported services: A vast range of translation services are supported, including Reverso, Baidu, ImTranslator, Oxford Learner Dictionary, ABBYY Lingvo Live, Naver, Google, Yandex.Translate, Multitran, Bing Translator, Babylon, Urban Dictionary, Promt, Wikipedia, youdao, DeepL, and WordReference.
  • Hotkeys: You can configure shortcuts and make your experience even smoother.

How to use QTranslate?

Translation modes

You have three ways to translate using the mouse selection:

  1. Show icon: Just select text in a program, and the QTranslate icon pops up near your cursor. Click it, and a window with the translation appears.
  2. Show translation: Select text and a translation pops up instantly in a window.
  3. Show translation and read: It reads the selected text aloud like in the previous option.

Configure hotkeys

  1. Display the translation window with CTRL+Q (press CTRL twice for the main window).
  2. Voice text with Ctrl+E.
  3. Conduct a web search with Ctrl+W.

Is QTranslate free?

Yes, QTranslate is free to use.

Is QTranslate safe?

QTranslate is considered safe to use.