Google Translate Desktop free for PC

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  • Developer AthTek Software
  • Version 2.1.90
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Google Translate Desktop is the desktop version of the famous translation solution designed by Google.

Disclaimer: This is not an official download from Google. However, it is compatible with any software and works as a functional Google translator.

What are the key features of Google Translate Desktop?

  • AthTek Software developed by Google Translate Desktop helps users to translate any text into more than 30 languages. In addition, the application features automatic language detection.
  • This program can be helpful when writing documents or emails in different languages or translating long texts and other items into a foreign language since it doesn’t have a limit of characters.
  • It supports instant messaging programs to facilitate communication in instant messaging with strangers. Google Translate Desktop was designed to work with the majority of them. It can be used as a translation tool for Skype and many others. It should be noted that it also works with Outlook, Word, and Internet Explorer.
  • Compatibility with social networks: it is also possible to use it to communicate through social networks like, Facebook, Twitter, Dig, etc.
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Is it free?

The download is free to use.

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