Talking Translator Pro free for PC

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Talking Translator Pro is a translation software integrated with many tools, such as finding the meaning of foreign words, synonyms, a text-to-speech feature, and the option to pronounce the phrase with a proper native accent to learn the pronunciation while translating.

What are the key features of Talking Translator Pro?

  • Translation: you can use Talking Translator Pro to translate sentences and words from 8 different languages. All you need is to import the text into the interface, choose the destination language and click on the Translation button.
  • Registration of translated files: one of Talking Translator Pro's features is its ability to save translated texts in multiple file formats. For instance, you can choose to save it as PDF, RTF, HTML and/or text file.
  • Reading: Talking Translator Pro is the ideal tool for learning the words' pronunciation since it can read translations in the native language with proper pronunciation. Simply enter the text on the interface, choose the option Reader and click on Read.
  • English Dictionary: French and English languages can never be separated. Thus, Talking Translator Pro includes an English dictionary that gives you quick access to various meanings of words in English and French.

Is it free?

This is a free demo version. The license costs $15.

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