AVD Weight and Volume Calculator free for PC

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  • Developer AVLANDesign
  • Version 8.1
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AVD Mass and Volume Calculator, previously known as AVD Weight and Volume Calculator, is a tool that enables you to measure physical parameters of objects in 3D. The application calculates the weight, volume and mass of various shapes. This tool can be very useful for 3D designers and architects.

What are the key features of AVD Weight and Volume Calculator?

  • Allows you to process three-dimensional composite objects, even those which have apertures.
  • The software includes mathematical and physical parameters of objects of most diverse shapes, such as plate, pipe, bar, beam and many more.
  • AVD Weight and Volume Calculator also takes into account the density of materials. Moreover, you can add some more materials and delete some that you don't use.
  • The program encompasses both imperial and metrical unit system. Also, you can use the built-in unit converter that will redeem you from the need of transferring numbers from one system to another by yourself.
  • If you accidentally made a mistake, you can always undo the action.

Is it free?

This is a free trial version. You can get the full one for $19.95.

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