Electrical Calculations free for PC

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Electrical Calculations is a professional software to calculate electrical units. It can make a forecast of the voltage density and the ampere rate.

What are the key features of Electrical Calculations?

  • Calculation: the software's main function is to calculate electrical units, such as voltage density and amperage rate. For that, it offers various advanced formulas necessary for performing such tasks.
  • Conversion: Electrical Calculations integrates several specialized functions for converting units. Indeed, the program can convert several ones such as energy, mass, power, and many others.
  • Data mathematics: Electrical Calculations provides the user with the appropriate data needed for all operations. The program uses cosine and sine as well as various electrical values. It includes all constant and variable data measurements.
  • Customizable: with this software, the user can adjust various settings according to his needs. For instance, he can choose the conductor between copper and aluminum. It is also possible to predefine the wire size, the distance of the electricity and much more.

Is it free?

Yes, Electrical Calculations is free to use. 

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