Pattern-Making Calculator free for PC

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Pattern-Making Calculator is a program specially designed to convert numbers into fractions. It also provides several calculation options.

What are the key features of Pattern-Making Calculator?

  • Both converter and calculator: the program can be used as a normal calculator. It supports both standard operations such as multiplication and division with a memory results function but also allows converting inch into centimeters and vice versa.
  • Dual display: it is sometimes easier to read simple fractions than decimal. This application is able to display numbers in both expressions simultaneously for a better understanding of the result.
  • Fraction operation: Pattern-Making Calculator is tailored to display and make computing operation represented as a portion. Therefore, it can easily make regular calculations with fractions using the large buttons on the screen.
  • Shortcut: the software offers different key combinations to access some features. For instance, the user can save a number just by pressing "Ctrl and A" for more suitable and quick use.
  • Easy conversion between Metric measurement unit (Cm / Centimeter) and Imperial measurement unit (Inch).

Is it free?

Yes, it is free to download and use.