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  • Developer Alohi SA
  • Version 10.0.0
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Fax.Plus is an easy-to-use app to scan and fax documents in real-time to your contacts and externals. The app has a nicely designed, easy-to-use, and effective user interface. Picture or download documents to fax them to any contact or number registered and added to your phone.

What are the key features of FAX.Plus?

  • Push Notifications: allow push notifications to get notified of every new fax received, the live status of your sent faxes, and the status of those pending. You can choose to turn on or off the notifications according to your needs.
  • Add your contacts to the app: make the process easier by adding contacts using the app to access your smartphone's address book, and make faxing easier much faster.
  • Design and add a premade signature: to all your documents once you have your documents ready to be sent. You can set different signatures to choose from.
  • Checkmark and edit: the size to modifying any cut needed on the document before faxing it, you can modify and zoom in the parts needed to be faxed.
  • Archive and re-use: all of your previous documents to fax them in the future.
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How to use FAX Plus?

  • Register using Google or using your own private email account, afterward update your profile.
  • On the bottom part, click on send a fax and click on select or take a picture of the document you wish to send.
  • Once selected, make any edition needed, add a signature and click send.

Is FAX. PLUS free?

Yes! FAX.Plus is free.