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Grammarly is a groundbreaking, innovative, performant, and efficient typing assistant that will bring your texts, instant messages, and emails to the next level. Powered by artificial intelligence technology, it helps you improve many parts of your texts, whether it is typos, spelling, structures, tone, and more. Grammarly is now a must-have.

What are the key features of Grammarly?

  • Interface: The Grammarly app interfaces are modern, professional, and super elegant. You can quickly access all the different settings, browse and search your texts effortlessly, and configure the app's settings easily. In addition, Grammarly can work in the background seamlessly.
  • Grammar checker: First and foremost, Grammarly offers a very effective technology to check and suggest corrections regarding grammatical and spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, and misused words. But it's more comprehensive than that since Grammarly also offers explanations to help you hone your writing skills and create flawless and stylish texts with very advanced structures. And over time, they keep improving all the different checks so that the whole environment is more and more clever.
  • Agnostic: Grammarly can work everywhere you do, like Word, Pages, your email clients, and any other applications like Zendesk or Slack to fit your workflow needs. Of course, you always stay in control, and if you don't want Grammarly to check a particular piece of writing, you can turn it off. Last but not least, you can directly type your text in the Grammarly environment and keep track of all your texts.
  • Tone detection: Tone is key when it comes to effective communication, as it is essential to make sure your recipient will understand your message the way you want (whether you want to deliver feedback, express urgency, or strengthen relationships). Grammarly can detect a full spectrum of tones, including Disheartening, Accusatory,  Worried, Curious, Surprised, Disapproving, Unassuming, Formal, Assertive, Confident, Appreciative, Concerned, Sad, Informal, Regretful, Encouraging, Egocentric, Joyful, Optimistic, and Excited.
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  • Style guide: Writing consistently is a must to create polished and compelling messages. Hence, you and your team can build a shared library of words, terms, and acronyms specific to your organization so that the same values are expressed no matter who writes a message. In addition, rules are super easy to create and update to fine-tune Grammarly and ensure everything is perfect.
  • Responsive: As it seamlessly merges with your environment, you will get immediate feedback as you type to fix any mistakes and progressively shape your text.
  • Anti-Plagiarism: The anti-plagiarism capability of Grammarly is vital, especially if you are a professional writer. Hence, the tool can analyze over 16 billion websites and check if your text is not overly similar to published materials.
  • Settings: It may seem a detail, but depending on whether you are working on a desktop or mobile device, you can change and customize many different settings, like security, theme, languages, and more.
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How does it work?

Once installed, you can log in or register a new account, but you can also skip this part and start using Grammarly directly. On mobile devices, you can add the Grammarly keyboard to your system to start using Grammarly. As you start typing, Grammarly will analyze and process your text. Errors and typos will be highlighted, and it will also suggest synonyms and punctuation corrections. But the heart of Grammarly is that it will catch all the tiny details of your text and try to make it sound more natural, friendly, or formal (depending on your liking) and remove unnecessary parts. For more information, you can consult the dedicated tutorials on the official website.

Is Grammarly free?

Grammarly is available for free, but you will get the most out of it if you purchase one of the available plans.

Is Grammarly safe?

Grammarly claims they don't sell, rent, or share your data with third parties. However, you can consult their privacy policy on their official website. In addition, your data stay encrypted as Grammarly process it.

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