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Epic Pen is a practical communication tool that allows you to represent your ideas more clearly and visually, as it allows you to draw and make annotations in any app without interfering with your workflow. It is ideal for meetings, teaching, and any collaborative project.

What is Epic Pen?

Epic Pen is a user-friendly yet robust desktop annotation tool. It empowers you to draw, write, and highlight directly on various desktop applications, spanning presentation software, webpages, videos, creative studios, and even games. The unique feature of Epic Pen lies in its capability to enable drawing and writing on the screen without disrupting the underlying software.

What are the key features of Epic Pen?

  • Dynamic ink overlay: Transform your screen into an interactive canvas with Epic Pen's intuitive ink overlay, empowering you to seamlessly write, draw, highlight, and capture screenshots anywhere on your display.

  • Versatile pen types selection: Choose from a diverse range of pen types, colors, and sizes to tailor your drawings and annotations precisely to your preferences.

  • Wide compatibility: You can use Epic Pen in different communication and online meeting platforms, such as OBS Studio, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

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  • Collaborative multi-touch capability: Elevate your creativity by drawing with multiple fingers on supported touchscreen devices, unlocking new possibilities for intuitive and collaborative design.

  • Instant screenshots and on-the-fly annotations: Capture, annotate, and communicate effectively with the ability to add text, arrows, and shapes to your screenshots instantly.

  • Seamless eraser and undo functionality: Perfect your work with the eraser tool, correcting mistakes seamlessly, and explore an extensive undo history for precise and efficient edits.

  • Precision pressure sensitivity: Harness the full potential of pen input with Epic Pen's support for pressure sensitivity, ensuring a dynamic and responsive drawing experience on compatible devices such as Wacom tablets and Microsoft Surface products.

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  • Real-time drawing mastery: Engage your audience with real-time drawing capabilities, enabling you to fluidly draw, write, and highlight during presentations or tutorials, emphasizing key points effortlessly.

  • Effortless hotkey customization: Take control of your workflow with fully customizable hotkeys, providing instant access to every Epic Pen feature.

  • Layered design empowerment: Unleash your creativity with layer support, allowing you to work on intricate designs without impacting the underlying content, providing a flexible and organized approach to your projects.

  • Universal touch and pen compatibility: Seamlessly integrate Epic Pen into your workflow with its compatibility with touch-enabled devices and pen input, ensuring a versatile and user-friendly experience across a variety of hardware setups.

How to use Epic Pen?

After installing Epic Pen on a touchscreen-compatible device, you can immediately utilize the tool by drawing directly on the screen. Epic Pen seamlessly integrates with any application on both Windows and Mac, ensuring uninterrupted use across various software.

For specific inquiries, Epic Pen offers a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to address your concerns.

Is Epic Pen free?

The free version of Epic Pen is intended for non-commercial and non-educational use and has only basic features such as the pen, eraser, and highlighter tools, plus screen capture and a 16-color palette.

For professional use of Epic Pen, the Pro version provides additional functionalities, such as fading ink, highlighting cursor, shapes, text, whiteboard, 24 colors, and more. You can consult their official website for more information.

Is Epic Pen safe?

Epic Pen can be considered safe to use.

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