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Easy Date Converter is a program for counting days between two dates. It can display dates in different formats, such as cardinal or ordinal dates.

What is Easy Date Converter?

Easy Date Converter is a multi-functional date conversion and date arithmetic program. It can be used in many scenarios involving counting days between two dates.

What are the key features of Easy Date Converter?

  • Calculation: it is the right tool to count precisely the number of days between two dates. It can perform addition and subtraction depending on the distance between two dates.
  • Setting: this software also allows you to remove specific dates in the calculation parameters. For instance, depending on the users' needs, he can make counting without considering weekends or days offs.
  • Encoding: with Easy Date Converter, it is possible to change the format of dates. The user will have a choice between several formats, like the Gregorian style, Julian or ordinal date, and many others.
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How to use Easy Date Converter?

The dedicated online user manual is perfect for learning the different features of Easy Date Converter.

Is Easy Date Converter free?

This is a free 14-day trial version. After it expires, you can purchase the full license for $23.95.

Is Easy Date Converter safe?

Yes, Easy Date Converter is considered safe to use.

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